By building your savings and living within your means, you’ve already taken an important step on the road to financial security. We’re here to illuminate that path by creating a disciplined financial and investment plan designed to help you meet your most important goals.

Financial planning can be a complex and even overwhelming process. Our process fosters clarity and transparency. As a fee-only firm, we are completely independent.  We don't sell products and never receive commissions.

We’re committed to acting in your best interests by crafting a holistic financial plan and a low-cost, sustainable investment plan to achieve your goals. When you’re ready to begin brightening your financial future by working with us, our Resources page contains our client forms, policies and more.

What we Do and Who we Serve

During the past 10 years, we’ve designed an accessible financial planning practice. Our clients come from many walks of life and comprise both families and individuals; many are still working, while others are retired.

We find that individuals who pay themselves first, have a good sense of humor, an optimistic outlook on life, are respectful of the work and advice of professionals and who are committed to following through with a disciplined financial plan are a great fit for our process and practice. 


Some of the types of people who work really well with us include:

  • Service-oriented professionals such as educators, administrators and members of the non-profit and religious community looking for financial and investment guidance
  • Pre and post retirees seeking to move qualified assets from employer plans
  • Professionals needing to delegate financial and investment decisions
  • Divorcees, widowers and widows who need to review and reshape their financial and investment lives following the loss of a marriage or spouse
  • Families and individuals with investable assets of $300,000 or more with a desire to build on and grow those assets
  • Those who have recently received an inheritance who seek advice on how to integrate those assets into their lives and create a sustainable financial future


As a comprehensive, fee-only financial planning firm, we’re here to help you accomplish your goals. We offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Personal financial planning
  • Investment management services
  •  Access to institutional class mutual funds
  • Retirement planning and spending strategies
  • Cash flow spending plans
  • College funding advice
  • Lump sum distribution advice
  • Social Security advice
  • Life, disability and long-term care insurance needs analysis
  • Second opinion on investments or current financial plan
  • Collaboration with legal, insurance and other professionals
  • Financial seminars for military, church and civic groups
  • Corporate employee financial education – Seminars on 401(k)s, employee benefits, etc.
  • Small Business Retirement and Benefit Advice