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As a fee-only financial and investment planning firm, we are fully committed to fee transparency. Whether you’re seeking an ongoing financial planning and investment management relationship, or advice and planning by the hour, or just need some answers and advice on a single issue, our flexible fee models are designed to accommodate your situation


Ongoing Wealth Management Relationship

Starts at $1,250 / quarter

  • Your personal family Family Financial Officer (FFO)
  • Growing or securing and managing your wealth
  • Our full-time clients get our foremost attention
  • Great for those who are ready to live life and delegate some responsibility
  • No minimum assets required

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Time Based Products

$240 / hr

  • Planning and advice customized for your needs and complexity
  • Great for those who still like to “do it themselves” but need some help
  • Engage us when you need us
  • No minimum assets required

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Limited Scope/ Single Issue Advice

$699 / session

  • Limited to only one or two issues
  • Appropriate for those only needing limited, issue-specific advice
  • Second Opinions
  • This is the minimum engagement ColeFP offers

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ARE ASSET minimums imposed with Ongoing Retainer Fees?

We do not impose asset minimums, but there is a $5,000 annual minimum retainer to secure our wealth management services.  Clients with assets under $500,000 will incur retainer fee in excess of 1% of their assets. Unless you are actively accumulating assets, this may not be advisable as the impact of such expense could work counter to your intentions. Our fees are in addition to the expenses charged by investments products such as mutual funds and exchange traded funds.  We are sensitive to those costs when delivering investment recommendations.

% Tier
1.00 On the first $1,000,000
0.60 On the next $2,000,000
0.40 On amounts over $3,000,000

Example One:
Client with $750,000 in supervised assets. (Amount Fee Applied to in Parentheses)

% Tier Resulting Fee
1.00 On the first $1,000,000
Annual Fee $7,500 or 1% of
supervised assets (¼ billed quarterly)

Example Two:
Client with $1,300,000 in supervised assets. (Amount Fee Applied to in Parentheses)

% Tier Resulting Fee
1.00 On the first $1,000,000
0.60 On the next $300,000
Annual Fee $11,800 or 0.91% of
supervised assets (¼ billed quarterly)

How much should I expect to pay if we engage in the on-demand (hourly) services?

Financial planning fees for time based projects are based on our current hourly rate of $240.  The total cost depends on the complexity of your case and each plan is unique to its own circumstance.  We have over a decade of experience in quoting hourly fees and we have found these fees typically fall within $1,800 and $6,000.   Just as with our wealth management services, we will work with anyone, regardless of assets, net worth, or income as long as they have the ability to pay our hourly rate and are a fit for the type of work we do. We will provide you a quote for service before you sign an agreement so you will know the costs before you commit.

IS Single Issue management enough for my family?

Probably not.  This is our minimum engagement.  They are used when a professional is needed to provide advice on a single issue or two. This engagement is not intended or designed to replace the benefit of more comprehensive financial aid and wealth management.  

Examples of limited scope projects are:

  • A debt reduction plan

  • Mortgage and ReFinancing Plan

  • Second Opinions on Financial Products

  • Employee Benefit Maximization Plan

  • “Getting Started” session for people just starting out

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All fees are negotiable or subject to change upon proper disclosure by Cole Financial Planning and Wealth Management, Inc.
Cole Financial Planning and Wealth Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Alabama.