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Our goal is to empower you to make intentional decisions with your money which fulfill your values and realize your dreams. Financial planning is our life’s work, and over the years we’ve built an accessible practice that puts our clients first.


What does “Fee-Only” mean and why does it matter?



Fee-Only Services

Knowing how your financial adviser is compensated helps you decide what is in your best interest.

Do I really need a financial planner and when is the best time to hire one?

Do I Really Need a Financial Planner?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I making the right moves and decisions with my money?”, then it’s time to talk to a fee-only financial planner.  Money mistakes, just like investings, have a tendency to compound. Avoiding mistakes can be just as valuable can making good decisions.

Even if you are a DIY kind of person, having someone that is not emotionally tied to the decision can bring clarity and confidence.  

Having a financial expert who understand the interconnectivity of all the various aspects of one’s financial life, like cash flow, debt management, saving, investing, retirement, college planning, risk management, estate planning, taxes, and more has tremendous value.

You don’t want one decision undermining your planning in another.  Most people would people would benefit from, at least, some work with a financial planner.

When is the best time? Life transitions are the most common time.  Graduation, new job, marriage, children, divorce, relocation, or a death are common times to need advice, but the best time is now.  The earlier you start, the more empowered you will be to avoid costly financial mistakes and take advantages of the opportunities that come your way.  

I keep hearing the word “fiduciary”, does it really matter?

It matters if you want financial advice that is in your best interest.

An advisor that is legally bound by a fiduciary standard must give you advice that, to the best of their knowledge, ability, and experience, is in YOUR best interest without regard to how it may or may not impact that advisors financial outcomes.

While there is a unspoken assumption when you hire an advisor that he or she is helping you with the best option for your situation, in financial services that is, sadly, not always the case and this is why you want to work with a fiduciary.

If you are working with an advisor already or interviewing one, you need to know if they are working in your best interest. Don’t assume.

Next time you talk to your current advisor or anyone trying to sell you financial products like insurance, investments, annuities, etc., ask them if your relationship and their advice is bound by a fiduciary standard. If they don’t say “Yes” right away, you might want to consider walking away. Better yet, ask them to give you that in writing; if they get squirmy, it might be time to leave. You deserve the best advice for your situation, not the adviser.



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Featured in major publications including the Washington Post.

Featured in major publications including the Washington Post.

It’s helpful to have someone that doesn’t have a vested interested in the outcome to tell them what they think from a financial perspective.
— Washington Post

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