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As your advisor, ColeFP can add a valuable dimension to your financial life with expert guidance in a number of areas, several of which are detailed below.


Value Clarification and Goal Setting

We help you see how your money may or may not be working in alignment with your values. We work with you to create specific, attainable, and measurable goals. We can then help monitor your progress, and provide the accountability and implementation required  to increase success.


Cash Flow Analysis and Savings Needs

Do you know where your money is going or how much you should saving to meet your goals? We help you know what is going on in your financial life and provide a financial map to guide you through all of life’s financial decision so you can get where you want to be financially.

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Income and Career Maximization

We review and analyze your total compensation to make sure you are taking advantage of everything your employer offers you.  We work with business owners to help them create benefit packages that will help them recruit and retain the best employees while benefiting their own financial situation.  We also work with freelancers who don’t have traditional benefit packages.


Debt Management

If you have debt, we can create specific strategies to prioritize and pay down your liabilities, increasing your net worth. This may be student loans, credit cards, car loans, or even mortgage debt. We also help you make decisions on the acquisition of any new debt you may be considering.

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College and Education Planning

Whether you are seeking to invest in yourself or your child’s future, we provide strategies to help ensure that your educational pursuits and aspirations are not undermined by burdensome student debt.



A financially secure retirement doesn’t happen by accident. We evaluate your current situation and recommend the steps you need to take to have the retirement you desire. We assist on how to maximize your Social Security, navigate Medicare decisions, allocate your retirement investments, explore the appropriateness of home equity conversions, and for retirees we design and implement tax efficient income distribution plans. Let us help you prepare for and enjoy some of life’s most rewarding days.

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Tax Planning

There is no avoiding taxes.  Laws frequently change and how they impact your own situation is often complex. We help simplify the situation by helping you uncover tax saving opportunities, make good decisions about tax deferral or acceleration, and allocate your investments in the best possible way to achieve tax efficiency.  For those already retired, we advise on spend down strategies that allow you to keep more of your money.



There are few aspects of personal finance with more conflicting messages than investing. Having an investment plan allocated in accordance with your risk tolerance, behavior and goals may seem daunting. We help you determine the appropriate risk required when taking in all that information. We keep your investment costs low so you keep more of your return. We offer access to institutional funds, provide asset allocation and rebalancing decisions, and review your employer’s retirement plan to make sure you make the best investing decisions from the choices available. We also offer second opinions and evaluations on current annuities you may already own or of if you are considering one. Remember, we work for you, not an insurance or investment company. Our loyalty is to you alone.

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Insurance and Risk Management

The pyramid of proper personal financial management  has insurance and risk management tools at its base. We help you know what your real need is not what a commissioned based insurance producer claims.  We review life, death, disability, long term care, liability, and property and casualty insurance. As a fee-only firm, we don’t sell these products, but we can help buffer you against being oversold. You need insurance, but you don’t need more than you need.  We also provide second opinions and review of existing policies or proposals you are considering.


Estate Planning

Too often estate planning is put on the back burner but the results of ignoring this important aspect of your financial life can be devastating. We offer advice on how to build a foundational estate plan. We review existing documents and offer a secure back up option for your important documents. We ensure your beneficiaries are correct and provide you frequent updates to make you plan stays current. If you have special situations that need addressing we can collaborate with your estate planning attorney to get the plan you need informed by your whole financial situation.

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